Unusual Places to Stay

There are an increasing number of options from rental companies and resorts to provide quirky places to stay that you’ll talk about for a long time. Break away from the norm and stay somewhere unique – a ‘normal’ hotel doesn’t need to cut it anymore.

Here’s our top picks of some unusual places to stay in the UK and further afield.


There is something enchanting about staying in a church which has been restored, renovated and modernised for your comfort.

Church hotels offer so much character, religion inspired art and amazing architecture.

The bedrooms can sometimes be in stone settings or with stained glass that will make you feel blessed.


Windmills are pretty iconic and for years they’ve served us well, and now are the perfect setting for an unusual stay.

Panoramic views, lots of charm and atmosphere – what’s not to love?


There’s a good chance you’ve never been in a lighthouse so an even slimmer chance that you’ve stayed in one.

Many have now been converted into hotels to give you the ultimate privacy, stunning land & sea views and a unique experience.

Theme parks

What could be more exhilarating then waking up on the themepark grounds for a fun filled day?!

Legoland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle all offer amazing rooms for all the family.

Working Farms

It might not be the ideal holiday that springs to mind for some, but there’s plenty of working farms that offer a slightly unusual place to stay for a specific length of time.

Join in on the daily feeding and experience the true farming lifestyle. Spend some time taking it all in before going back to the grind (or become a farmer!)


A hotel or a boat?! Why not chose a boatel instead! The best of both worlds and there are some seriously cool places to stay.

What floats your boat?!


Forget the crappy treehouse that was built in the garden and never finished… we’ve found some incredible treehouse hotels that have everything you need.